Back on the Wagon…


I used to have a blog, anyone remember Xanga? And then I had a website. And after that went away I had another blog. My name is Jessica, and I have a problem. So now I’m back on the wagon so to speak. My blogs and website have all previously been devoted to only my photography. This one will be different. There will still be all of my photography but this time it will be more. I want to push myself to work harder on improving my photos and you only improve when you keep shooting. So here is post number one. And this shoot was just for fun. It wasn’t for work. It was for memories.

My cousin (and everyone else I know) is pregnant, so a few weekends ago our family had a baby shower to bless Tori, Garret, and baby boy Wyatt. My sister created the theme and basically did all of the decorative work. I showed up to move tables and take pictures. There was barbecue sandwiches, potato salad, and a station to create your own trail mix. It was a fun day and boy were these cupcakes good!

Wyatt we can’t wait to meet you! You are already so loved.