Yesterday was Joe’s 27th birthday. He doesn’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays so it was very low key. Example: dinner was frozen pizza! (At least it was Digiorno) I got him something for his exhaust (I couldn’t begin to tell you what) and the 5th season of Burn Notice.

When I asked him if he wanted a cake he said he wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I was thinking, ok, I probably need to get a grandma’s recipe. He said nope, I want the Happy Birthday Jesus cake my mom makes! (Backstory: on Christmas Day my mother-in-law would make a birthday cake for Jesus) Turns out this cake is from a box and canned frosting! Love it! So, I make the cake. I frost the cake. We load up and head to my parent’s for the weekend. Halfway there I look down and my cake has split right across the top! Birthday fail. Oh well, it still tasted good!! Lesson learned: don’t rush the cooling process. Be patient.

Another year older, another year closer to 30.



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