Birth Photography….OH GROSS


This week I posted the above picture and captioned it “The official birth photography bag is packed and ready to go!”. I’ve gotten many questions wondering what birth photography is…and if it entails all of the horrific gross beautiful details that people are envisioning. (I can tell by the fear in their eyes that they are really afraid of my answer) If you haven’t ever seen examples of birth photography then get on Facebook right now and look up Lindsey Scholz. OR follow this link to one of my favorite birth photography blogs I follow:

Birth photography is gaining in momentum right now. At least, the professional, formal version of it. Technically, everyone has a birth photographer, a husband, a sister, a mom, or a friend. But when you hire a photographer to take over this job it makes the day so much more special. You aren’t worried about someone missing the shots you want or dad not being able to focus on the new baby. Instead, there is peace of mind in knowing that there is one person who’s sole job is to capture every moment, every detail. This means that mom, dad, grandma, and aunt can sit back and truly enjoy every moment of the birth. It also means that you will get photos of details that you wouldn’t have ever thought of. I’m not sure what it is about a photographer’s brain, but we tend to just see things differently and have no idea that it is different from everyone else.

How it works: From 36 weeks until the day the baby is born, I am on call. Middle of the night, during the work day, taking a shower…doesn’t matter. My phone rings, I grab my bag and run (ok, I don’t run. I drive. Did anyone really believe that I would run?). My bag is packed with an extra battery, a change of clothes, a phone charger, and some vending machine change. I show up and start taking pictures. I will stay an hour or two after the baby is born. I take only the photos that mom has said that she is comfortable with.

So far I have lined up 2 births for this fall. Both are women who are extremely special to me. The first is my cousin Tori. As far as cousins go, our group has always been pretty close. We grew up not far from each other and genuinely enjoy spending time together. She is due towards the end of this month and I am on pins and needles in anticipation. I have her set to a special ring tone and text tone so I will know as soon as my phone rings that it is her calling!

The second is one of my closest friends, Robyn. She is expecting a little girl, Charlotte, and I can’t wait for her to get here! She isn’t due until the end of November so at the end of October she will get all the same special treatment. New ring tone, new text tone, and since we are good friends….all of those annoying texts asking how she is feeling and any contractions yet? (Don’t worry…when she gets annoyed she will have no problem telling me to shut up!)

Why do I think I will love this?? That is the easiest question I get asked. I was honored to witness the birth of some friend’s third child. I had no idea I was going to be in the room until it happened but there I was. And I can honestly say, not many other days have come close to touching how amazing it was. It is such a testament to the Creator. I also really love babies. And the details are my favorite things to shoot. Add it all up and I thought, well I can do this!!

Now I’m not so patiently waiting for the call from Tori so I can grab my bag and head to Springfield and meet baby Wyatt. I’m really hoping he comes on my birthday. I think Saturday, September 20 is a great day!!

P.S. If you read this whole thing, I love you.


3 thoughts on “Birth Photography….OH GROSS

  1. Valerie B. says:

    I can’t wait to see the photos you take from these sessions!! Especially my sweet niece Charlotte!! 🙂 What a special thing you get to be a part of! And to capture such intimate moments is truly amazing and they will be treasured by the family forever!


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