Catching Up on 12 Weeks

I’m going to try and do a weekly update and picture to really document this pregnancy. So just a quick catch up on the last few weeks:

I’ve been very tired and taking more naps than ever. I seem to only get nausea when I’m hungry so I have to keep eating (darn!). We’ve give the baby a nickname to avoid calling it “it” or “Baby”. We call the baby “Bert”. Yes, I know we are weird. I have not thrown up!!! This is a huge deal seeing as I would rather do just about anything than throw up. I’ve taken a couple of picture until now but there really isn’t much to see. Here are the last few weeks:



IMG_0429Each week I all answer the below questions. I’m pretty sure some of the answers may not change much, at least for the first while, but you never know!

How far along: 12 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 pounds!

Maternity clothes: I’ve started wearing the Bella Band some and I got some maternity jeans for Christmas. At this point they are just more comfortable than my regular jeans. But some of them I can still wear.

Stretch marks: None

Sleep: I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Best moment of this week: Christmas!! We made the big baby announcement on Christmas day on social media. Our family and close friends have known since Thanksgiving.

Miss anything: Sushi!

Movement: None yet that I can feel. At my last dr appt I could see Bert moving around

Food cravings: I’ve had a few moments where I have wanted something very specific but nothing consistent. One morning I wanted an enchilada and then 30 minutes later I wanted a cheeseburger. I see to want food food though, not sugar and snacks.

Anything making you queasy or sick: If I get hungry I get a little queasy but this seems to be going away now!

Have you started to show yet: Only if I’m wearing clothes that really accent it. I just look thick right now.

Gender: We don’t know yet but maybe at the next appointment!

Labor signs: None!

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Looking forward to: Another short work week. Happy New Year!


Here is my 12 week picture (I’ll start setting up my tripod going forward):




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