May The Lines Be Ever In Your Favor

Earlier this fall we decided we wanted to have a baby. This was of course a monumental decision and we would be happy if anytime in the next year we got those 2 little pink lines. Imagine our surprise when 6 weeks later they appeared! It was Oct. 31, Halloween. I had taken a few tests but they were negative. I figured it was just taking time for my body to regulate after being on the pill for so long. I woke up really early, 3:45 AM early. I had a few texts from one of my best friends saying she was in labor! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I though about how fun it would have been to be pregnant at the same time or to even find out we were pregnant before Charlotte was born. I figured it wouldn’t happen now, seeing as Charlotte was just a few hours away from being born. I decided I would waste one more test just to see. It was only 88 cents so, no real loss right? I got up and took the test. Then I got back in bed for a few minutes. I knew it would be negative and was beating myself up for getting excited. After a few minutes I leaned over and used my phone as a flashlight to just check one more time. I thought I saw a second line. I jumped out of bed and ran back to the bathroom to look in real light. 2 lines.


I couldn’t believe it! I woke Joe up at 4 and made him look. He could see it too! So later that day I took 2 more.



They were faint but they were there!! I called the next Monday and made my first doctor appointment. In the meantime I took about 11 more tests, just to make sure!


Two week later we were sitting in an ultrasound room and were still in shock. We were able to see a little bitty baby with a little bitty heartbeat. It was magic.




Baby Nothum coming July 2015!



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