It’s That Time Again…

BACHELOR TIME!!!!! The Bachelor started on Monday and as we all know…I love this show. Yes, it is dramatic. Yes, it is generally somewhat pointless. Yes, it is probably a waste of 2 hours. But I can’t help it. I’ve been hooked from season 1. The best part is my sister-in-law, my parents, my husband, and most of my friends all watch it too! So this season we stepped it up a notch. We filled out a bracket.


(Go ahead, roll your eyes….you know you want to) We filled out the bracket before the show even started so mine is pretty much destroyed already but my top 3 are still hanging in there! If by some chance you are interested in a recap check out Sharleen Joynt’s blog here. She was a previous contestant on the show (the dreaded Juan Pablo season) so she has some insight into how the show works and provides a good recap.

Happy Wednesday!


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