15 Weeks

15 Weeks

This week is going to be a very good one! I’m heading to CA on Wednesday to meet my new nephew and spend time with the Nothums/Hohmeiers. I am so excited. I have my suitcase out, my travel size items ready, and I’ve been mentally packing for days!! I absolutely can not wait to board the plane. I’ve been feeling really good this week. Definitely no nausea, the fatigue has let up a bit and I got a pregnancy pillow so I’ve been sleeping a little bit better too. I got the Leachco Snoogle Mini. It is smaller than the typical body pillow so it takes up less room in the bed. It is actually working  out pretty well so far. I also ordered 2 books on breastfeeding so I’m excited to start reading those.





How far along: 15 Weeks

Total weight gain: 2.5 lbs 

Maternity clothes: My regular dress pants are still fitting ok, I just don’t button the top 2 buttons. Maternity clothes are more comfortable though so I wear those when I’m not at work.

Stretch marks: None but I have been a little itchy so I’m using lots of lotion to keep my skin soft.

Sleep: I’m sleeping much better thanks to the pillow. If I wake up though, I have to go to the bathroom.

Best moment of this week: I signed a contract with a birth photographer this week. I am so excited to have that decision made and to know someone is going to be there to capture all of the day!

Miss anything: I tried wearing my favorite jeans on Friday and they were pretty uncomfortable so I had to say goodbye to those.

Movement: Not yet, but I keep catching myself being very still trying to feel it!

Food cravings: Lots of chicken and french fries with ketchup. Still not wanting very much sweet but in the mornings I like to have toast with peanut butter and honey to go with my eggs.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: A little, especially when I’ve eaten a big meal.

Gender: 2.5 more weeks – the past few weeks I’ve been thinking boy but today I’m thinking pink. I can’t wait to know which one!

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Looking forward to: The California trip! I can’t wait to hold and snuggle with Jack and talk to Hannah about all things baby. I’ve got lots of questions….I should probably write them down. I love spending time with our families.


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