Girl’s Weekend

This past weekend 2 of my friends who live out of town came to visit. We don’t all get to see each other very much so we spent a lot of time together this weekend. We started with dinner at Shogun where I found some fully cooked, shell fish only sushi rolls! Ok….so it’s really just a roll, no sushi because of the fully cooked thing but it sure hit the spot. And true to NWA form, it was called the Pig Sooie.


After dinner we went to Paint With A Twist. They provide the canvas, paint, and instructions. All you have to do is paint! It was a lot of fun although from a few of the pictures you would think we were very angry. I’m definitely not a painter but I like my picture more now than I did that night. I would recumbent going if you are looking for something fun to do that you haven’t done before!






See….angry. Actually, just really concentrating.





On Saturday I went to a wedding for another dear friend. Diana and I met in high school when we cheered together and it was such a privilege to get to watch her get married this weekend. And it was so much fun to catch up with two of my other fellow cheerleaders, Emily and Jess.



After the wedding, I met up with Ana and Kim and we saw Into the Woods. We ended the weekend with our traditional Sunday morning brunch at Cathy’s Corner. If you are in Siloam you MUST eat at Cathy’s. Best breakfast you can ever have. It was a wonderful weekend of friends!



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