Jack Attack

Last Wednesday I got up bright dark and early and made my way to the airport. I boarded a plane and flew to sunny Southern California. Boy was it beautiful. I’ve been before but never when it was 27* outside at home. We had perfect weather for the 3 full days we were there. We landed before 10 am CA time so we had the majority of the day there. That is the advantage to the crazy early flights. We landed and headed to Camp Pendleton to see my sister-in-law Hannah, brother-in-law Jared, and baby Jack. We spent the first day just staring at him. I kid you not, we couldn’t stop watching him! Every silly face, every sound, and every time he opened his eyes was captivating. Babies are such miraculous things and a true testament to our amazing Creator. We got in lots of snuggles and naps and headed out to eat dinner. After dinner, we were pretty tired, not to mention my body thought it was 2 hours later than what the clock said, so I was in bed by 8:30.

DSC_5456-2 copy

 We got Dave to hold the baby!

DSC_5461-2 copy


I think he was a little unsure about all of the aunties that showed up to hold him…


He got used to us very quickly though


That is his poop face…



I woke up on Thursday at 6:30. Go figure, my few days to sleep in and I still get up at the same time. Well, technically I did sleep an extra 20 minutes. Thursday was more of sitting and staring, and for me, reading when it wasn’t my turn with the babe. I asked lots of questions about what Hannah likes and about breastfeeding and her delivery. I want to get as much info as I can before it’s my turn! Thursday night I met up with my mom’s side of the family, Monte and Karen. I haven’t seen them for an extended amount of time in at least 4 years so dinner was a must. We met and ate at one of my mom and sister’s favorite places, Filippi’s Pizza Grotto. They were a little bit jealous that I got to eat there. The food there is amazing so if you are ever in Southern CA and see one….GO!!! It was great getting to catch up and hear about the CA family.


 Not to worry….the plate in front of me is a shared plate. It had spaghetti, lasagna, and ravioli. We also had a huge meatball and a cheese pizza. Yes, there were just 3 of us.

Friday we went to IKEA! Jack’s first big shopping adventure. He did great. Hannah carried him in her Ergo and we walked the whole store. There isn’t an IKEA very close to us at home so when there is a chance to go you take it. We went bowling that night which was of course a lot of fun. It was cosmic bowl and let me tell you, my in-laws are great bowlers. They were smoking the rest of us. After bowling we went back to our little house on the beach and played Yahtzee which was also a lot of fun.


He was dressed up for IKEA. He even wore blue and gold.

 Saturday morning was the tough part. We had to go back home. It was definitely hard for Hannah and my mother-in-law, Glenette, to say goodbye. BUT we will get to see them again in 1 month so now we have something to look forward to!! It was a wonderful trip and I’m so glad I was able to see where Hannah and Jared live, see the base, and of course meet Jack. That little guy has no idea how much he is loved and he’s only 3 weeks old. This trip was definitely one that was full of laughter. There were a few times I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Getting to sit and stare at Jack definitely has me wondering what our little babe will look like. We learned that Jack makes funny faces, especially when he is about to fill his diaper, he has chicken hair when he wakes up (just like his Uncle Joe), and he is definitely one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet. I can’t wait to see him again!


 Getting in one last snuggle!



 That chicken hair….just like Joe.



All the Nothum girls with Jack.

IMG_0522Grandparents with their first grand baby. Number 2 coming in July!


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