The Baby Registry

I am a serious over packer, over planner, and to no one’s surprise…an over registerer. No, that is not a word but for today it is. I chose to register at Target and Babies-R-Us since those are basically my only options. I have discovered that I love Buy, Buy, Baby but the nearest one is over an hour away so it isn’t really an option. Although I am a first time mom, I have definitely spent a lot of time around kids. I babysat through high school and now several of my friends have kids. Before I went in to the stores I thought…ok, don’t register for unnecessary stuff. You don’t need everything in the store. Then I walked in….and all thoughts went flying from my brain. I wanted it all!! I have already been informed that there are several baby showers in my future so I figured registering for too much may not be a bad thing. The one thing I stayed away from was clothing. I put a few of the solid white onesies that you really can’t have enough of on there and socks but other than that, no clothing. Here are a few collages of the items I have chosen.


Joe actually picked out the stroller. I definitely had a smaller one picked but he said, “This one has suspension so we can go feed the deer together”. After a comment like that, the man can pick out whatever he wants. The car seat I am super pumped about. I love the all black, very clean look of this one. Not to mention the safety ratings are through the roof. I went ahead and put both the swing and bouncer on there because I think both are handy. Are both necessary? No of course not. In fact, neither are really necessary – just a nice bonus. The Pack-N-Play is going to be an essential item at first. Babies have to sleep somewhere! I had initially picked an Ikea dresser and I may change my mind back but when I saw this set, I fell in love.


Big Stuff

I’ve had several people tell me they love Burt’s Bees and Aveeno for their baby so why not try both? I know the Bumbo is certainly an extra thing that may not get used for too long but again…who knows what will work for us! I’m hoping she takes a paci. I know it will be a hard habit to break later but all of my siblings and myself turned out just fine. Even if when I lost mine I traumatized 3 other adults in the process.

I am planning on breastfeeding. So there are several mama needs on this section at both stores. From nursing pads to lanolin to nursing tanks, they are going to be used. I did register for bottles as I will have to work away from home 1 day a week. My cousin has so wonderfully allowed me to borrow her awesome double electric pump so hopefully we won’t have any problems. When it comes to burp cloths I am a firm believer that the Gerber white pre-fold cloth diapers are the absolute best. But some of the others are just so cute I couldn’t help but pick out a few. Plus, you can never have too many things for a kid to throw up on. Spit Up…..It Happens. I included a few things for later such as spoons, bowls, and sippy cups.

 Then came the fun stuff. I may have registered for several books. I love books and I fully intend on reading as much as this little girl wants. I threw in some teething stuff, some toys, and other accessories. I’ve had more than one mama tell me how much they love the Aden & Anais blankets so if there was a pattern I liked, it got added. I also included a few of the swaddle blankets like the chevron one shown here.

So…overzealous? Definitely. But my mom, sister, and I had fun so that is really all that matters. I’m sure once we’ve used some of these items I will update and share what I like and what I don’t.

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