23 Weeks

23 Weeks
Week 23…Almost 6 months pregnant. How crazy is that? She is definitely growing and moving. My belly just keeps getting bigger (and it’s only halfway there!). Not much has been happening this week. Just looking for a place to live once we close on our house and praying that nothing falls through before our closing date. It is so scary having to wait it out.
How far along: 23 Weeks
Total weight gain: 7 lbs…apparently all that wedding cake I had this weekend is catching up to me!
Maternity clothes: Yes
Stretch marks: I think I found one…
Sleep: Thanks to the amount of pillows I now sleep with, anytime I roll over I pretty much have to wake up to readjust everything. And of course…the middle of the night bathroom trip.
Best moment of this week: We went to a wedding this past weekend which was a lot of fun. Punch and cake are some of my favorite things.
Miss anything: My standard weekend wear is a t-shirt and jeans. My favorite t-shirts are just about out of commission. I may have to wear some of Joe’s…
Movement: Lots of movement. She is more active in the mornings and evenings. I’m fairly certain she has started rolling around too. Occasionally I just feel a lot of pressure followed by a kick on the other side so I think she’s swimming around. OR she’s working on her back handsprings like a good little girl.
Food cravings: Still loving those Sonic burgers. And Fruit Loops for breakfast. This could also explain the weight gain…(seriously though, I try to ignore most of the things I want to eat because they are all bad for me!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing that makes me sick but I do get indigestion occasionally. Nothing too serious but it is annoying.
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: Girl…still no name and we really aren’t even close to picking one seeing as we haven’t even discussed names yet. I am starting to keep track of how many times a day I get asked if we have a name…or how many people offer suggestions. Keep those coming, you never know….we may like one!
Labor signs: None
Belly button in or out: In…but it is quickly disappearing. I have a serious innie and it is getting very shallow.
Wedding rings on or off: On
Looking forward to: Lunch at my Mema’s this coming Sunday. There is always yummy food and the company isn’t too bad either.

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