The First Pancake

Last Saturday was my very first baby shower….the first pancake if you will (Gilmore Girl fans should get that). The shower was Gilmore Girls themed and was perfect!! The food was amazing. Ana made mini pizzas, mini pies, coffee cupcakes, coffee punch, candy….the list goes on. We played fun games. No, I’m serious, the games were fun!! The first was a Gilmore Girls quiz, the second was a game where 7 songs were played. We had to guess the title of the song from the first few seconds. And the third involved string and guessing how big my belly is. The girls really outdid themselves. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to celebrate our baby girl!! Now I will hit you with a ton of pictures….


Welcome to Stars Hollow

Make a onesie!

Make a onesie!

So much food!

So much food!

Caitlyn Belle!!

Caitlyn Belle!!


So much pink!

Made from Joe's nursery fabric

The bunny fabric is from the fabric that was in Joe’s nursery. I love this!

My PPB Bag!

My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Let’s just say I want to use it now.

Made by Aunt Hannah

Made by Aunt Hannah! You can’t see well but it has matching shoes and bows. I’m so excited for her to wear this!

Alexa made this!

Alexa made this! A baby motorcycle! I don’t want to take it apart but I’m sure I’m going to need those diapers…


Me and my mom (Mimi)


Mom, me, Aunt Olivia, and Aunt Carissa


Mom, me, The Greats – Mema & Grandma Wilma, and Olivia


The lovely hosts – just missing Christina!


Aunt MJ!! I think should be Auntie M!


28 Weeks

I’ve made it to the 3rd trimester (it’s been a selfie kind of week)!! I can’t believe we are less than 12 weeks from my due date. To me it feels like it is just around the corner now. Most people keep saying “oh, you’ve still got time left” and I’m pretty sure you only feel that way if you aren’t the one preparing for the baby. I’ve started to gather items for the hospital bad. Too soon?? Probably, but I’m a planner so this way I won’t have to do it all at once. I have not packed anything so don’t think I’m too crazy. Just thinking about what I’m going to want to take. I did find some comfy black pants on clearance and a robe and comfy pants that will be great to take to the hospital and for afterwards.

The first baby shower is this coming weekend and I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand it now. I’m ready for the weekend! Since some people are coming in from out of town we will hopefully get to go to dinner and spend some time just hanging out with each other as well.

How far along: 28 Weeks

Total weight gain: 13 lbs

Maternity clothes: The only non maternity clothes I can still wear are my yoga pants and that is only because I can fold them down under my belly.

Stretch marks: I’ve got a few on my hips now. They are small though and don’t look too bad yet.

Sleep: I’ve slept so hard the last few nights that I haven’t even woken up to use the bathroom! So either she has positioned herself differently around my bladder OR one of these days I’m going to wake up and have peed the bed….that would be unfortunate.

Best moment of this week: Got to meet baby Trace and spent the weekend at my parent’s house.

Miss anything: This week I’m missing my wedding ring!

Movement: She usually puts on quite the show at night. It’s so funny to watch my stomach start popping out in weird places. Every time I try to get it on video she stops though.

Food cravings: Still loving those cheeseburgers, Slim’s Chicken, and mini M&Ms. Also, I’ve been making some fruit smoothies in the mornings and boy they are good!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: Yes

Gender: Girl!! I think we are close to having a name…..

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In..but barely. Some days it gets pretty tight feeling so I know that my stomach is definitely growing. I may have in innie for just a few more weeks (if that)!

Wedding rings on or off: Off…and it made me so sad!! They were definitely tight and it took some serious work to get them off this weekend. I’ve got a stand in to wear so at least my finger ins’t naked!!

Looking forward to: This coming Saturday is my first baby shower!! I’m so so so excited to see my friends! And I know absolutely nothing about what they have planned so that makes it even more fun! I know it is going to be such a great weekend…..I’m definitely going to need to nap on Sunday!

26/27 Weeks

26-27 Weeks

I’m in the last week of the second trimester! Woohoo!! Since my last update I have taken my glucose test and passed! It really wasn’t that bad. I did get a major sugar crash afterwards though.IMG_0597

We started our childbirth classes last week. It is a series of 4 classes so after tonight we will be halfway done. Most of what we are learning I’ve heard from friends or read in books but I enjoy learning it all for myself. To me, it just seems like the next step to take in getting ready for a baby. We were definitely having a good time in the last class though. Joe was trying to be all serious and instead I just ended up laughing.

I ordered and received our car seat. It was so exciting! I immediately took it out of the box and played with it. I finished making the car seat canopy for it this weekend so now it is all ready to go.IMG_0602


I came home on Friday to a big box on the front porch. Inside was a wrapped baby gift!! I am under strict instructions to wait until the baby shower on the 25th to open it though so it is sitting in our house just waiting….it’s so hard not to open all of this fun stuff!

We had a great Easter weekend at the farm and this past weekend we went to Lake TenKiller for the weekend with some friends. I even caught 2 fish!

How far along: 26/27 Weeks

Total weight gain: 12 lbs…I’m starting to gain steadily now. I asked at my last appt and my dr told me that gaining about a pound a week going forward will be very normal. And I’ve noticed my weight definitely fluctuates depending on how frequent other things happen if you know what i mean….(if you don’t know what I mean then TMI coming at you: how often do you poop). This is a pregnancy post so TMI should just be understood.

Maternity clothes: Yes and I’ve moved into my husband’s t-shirts if I want to wear a t-shirt. I have one of my own that is a medium and my parents got me a large t-shirt on their vacation this year so I have 2 of my own but if those are dirty I raid Joe’s dresser.

Stretch marks: Holding steady at 1…at least as far as I can tell

Sleep: Some nights it is good, some not so good. My back is starting to bother me so getting comfortable can be tricky.

Best moment of this week: Passed my glucose test, got the car seat in the mail, and got a baby gift in the mail as well!

Miss anything: My feet get so tired after doing normal things. I keep forgetting that I can’t move as fast.

Movement: Lots of movement! She definitely likes when I eat something sugary. You can see some movement from the outside if she kicks really hard.

Food cravings: Still loving those cheeseburgers, Slim’s Chicken, and mini M&Ms

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: Yes

Gender: Girl!! No name Nothum

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In..but barely. I can’t believe it hasn’t completely popped yet.

Wedding rings on or off: On but I need to take them off. They are getting tight but I can’t imagine not wearing them!

Looking forward to: My first baby shower is on the 25th and I’m getting so excited! My sister-in-law is coming down for it and my friend Ana will also be staying with me so it is going to be a fun girl’s weekend. Marijane and I are going to try and pick a paint color for the room! Continuing our childbirth classes. I actually enjoy stuff like that and Joe is being a real trooper and humoring me through it all.

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