The First Pancake

Last Saturday was my very first baby shower….the first pancake if you will (Gilmore Girl fans should get that). The shower was Gilmore Girls themed and was perfect!! The food was amazing. Ana made mini pizzas, mini pies, coffee cupcakes, coffee punch, candy….the list goes on. We played fun games. No, I’m serious, the games were fun!! The first was a Gilmore Girls quiz, the second was a game where 7 songs were played. We had to guess the title of the song from the first few seconds. And the third involved string and guessing how big my belly is. The girls really outdid themselves. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to celebrate our baby girl!! Now I will hit you with a ton of pictures….


Welcome to Stars Hollow

Make a onesie!

Make a onesie!

So much food!

So much food!

Caitlyn Belle!!

Caitlyn Belle!!


So much pink!

Made from Joe's nursery fabric

The bunny fabric is from the fabric that was in Joe’s nursery. I love this!

My PPB Bag!

My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Let’s just say I want to use it now.

Made by Aunt Hannah

Made by Aunt Hannah! You can’t see well but it has matching shoes and bows. I’m so excited for her to wear this!

Alexa made this!

Alexa made this! A baby motorcycle! I don’t want to take it apart but I’m sure I’m going to need those diapers…


Me and my mom (Mimi)


Mom, me, Aunt Olivia, and Aunt Carissa


Mom, me, The Greats – Mema & Grandma Wilma, and Olivia


The lovely hosts – just missing Christina!


Aunt MJ!! I think should be Auntie M!


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