Nursery Tour


I love this hand painted verse. The most important thing Joe and I can do is make sure she knows this promise is true. Thanks Erin!

Setting up a nursery was a little intimidating to me. I always see these beautiful rooms with cool accent walls and fancy furniture and I know there is no way I can recreate that. I did not get the decorating gene. So I called in reinforcements. My mom, sister, and brother’s girlfriend came over and helped! Olivia brought the decorations that she made for my shower since they matched the colors of the items in her room and we started putting stuff away. She doesn’t have a closet yet but Joe will be working on that soon. The 2 rooms that we had to choose from are both a bit odd shaped and were additions after the house was already built but before we bought it. I want to paint the room a different color but we will wait until after the closet work is done to do that. The color it is now is fine and a good neutral. I did choose bright colors for the quilt so I think it helps to brighten the room! I really love the way it turned out and I can’t wait to have an excuse to use it every day!


View from the door


I love the quilt – thanks Grandma Nothum!


The cutest rocking horse I have ever seen. Aunt Carissa found this!


Baskets of toys and blankets right by the crib and dresser/changing table.


The dresser has a top on it so it can also be a changing table. Once she outgrows that, we can just take the top off. Yes, I did get a hot pink diaper pail.


This painting is one of the coolest gifts we received. The white on the canvas is Baby Girl’s heartbeat. So so so special!


One drawer full of pink little bitty clothes


She has a whole box full of bows


Of course, paisley burp cloths. We like paisley in this house.


The beginning of her book collection. I’m hoping it will outgrow this window very quickly.


She already has a healthy shoe collection.

Now we just need a baby to fill it!


2 thoughts on “Nursery Tour

  1. Renee says:

    I am so excited for you…………….your heart is about to be filled with joy that only God has the power to reveal to you ………we wish you the best and prayers sent your way too!
    Love her room!


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