40 Weeks

40 Weeks

40 Weeks!!!!!!! Happy Due Date Baby Girl!!!!!!! (You should all be impressed that I finally posted the weekly post on the day I was supposed to)
Funny Story: I peed my pants this week. I sneezed and couldn’t help it. Although at first I thought, “oh my gosh did my water break?!?!?!” HA! Of course not crazy lady! You peed your pants! I got a good laugh out of it. At my last Dr. appt he said I am 1-2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and my cervix is very soft. He also said that she is a -3 station, so still a little high but is applying good pressure. I haven’t had any contractions just some Braxton Hicks and some minor cramping. I say minor because I’ve had menstrual cramps that are so much worse than what I’ve had, they almost don’t count. This week has definitely been a slow week. It is definitely challenging getting up and getting ready for work every day. My hips make it a little difficult to move around and getting in and out of my car actually hurts a little.

I haven’t mentioned it but I’ve been taking Evening Primrose Oil and Red Raspberry Leaf pills and tea. The Evening Primrose Oil is good to help soften the cervix and helps keep skin elastic so it is supposed to help with tearing. I’ve been taking it orally for a few weeks so it could be what has helped me efface or it could just be all the pressure! Some women pop a hole in the pill and insert it…..you know where, but I’m not that brave. The Red Raspberry Leaf helps to strengthen the muscles of your uterus, making contractions more effective. The pills aren’t as effective as the tea and I’ve been very careful to stay inside the recommended amounts.  Neither will induce labor but help prepare your body. Also….I’m not a doctor so please don’t take anything without checking with your midwife or doctor first!

Tonight we are headed out on a date! Sushi for dinner (the pregnancy approved sushi of course), a walk around Cabela’s and Target, and I bet I can talk sugar boy into some ice cream or something. You will all be pleased to know that last night we settled on her name….you just have to wait until she’s born to find out what it is! I will leave you with a picture of Joe and I at 39 weeks and 2 days.


How far along: 40 Weeks

Total weight gain: 32 pounds or so….I haven’t weighed since my appt on Tuesday

Maternity clothes: Oh yes….and even those are getting small

Stretch marks: A few on my hips and some on my belly that popped up in the last few weeks

Sleep: Some nights it is really bad and some nights it is better. It always hurts to roll over and my hips hurt when I wake up but the nights that I only have to get up twice to go the bathroom are good!

Best moment of this week: Hitting my due date! As excited as I am for her to be here, I am really excited that I made it all 40 weeks!

Miss anything: Moving without pain

Movement: She likes to stick her little behind out. Talk about pressure! It makes my skin feel thin and it looks so funny! Most of her movement now seems to be pushing downward but I love feeling her move.

Food cravings: Nothing crazy, even the stuff that I’ve been wanting has started to not sound as good anymore.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: Most people don’t look at my face anymore so I’m saying yes

Gender: Girl…and she has a name. But no, I’m not telling! Now it is just fun to keep it a secret.

Labor signs: I am 1-2 cm still but 70% effaced. Dr. T said that my cervix is very soft and she’s at a -3 station. So still a little high but he could tell she is applying good pressure. I’ve had some really light cramping and Braxton hicks but no real contractions and nothing that hurts.

Belly button in or out: I’m saying out because you can see it through my shirt now.

Wedding rings on or off: Off

Looking forward to: Meeting this baby!



One thought on “40 Weeks

  1. Shirley Hunter says:

    You look wonderful! Both of you, well all three of you! Excitedly awaiting the call! Praying you have a very smooth, easy delivery and a healthy, healthy baby girl! Love you, sweet girl. Mema


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