2 Months

2 Months b

Height:  At her 2 week appt she was 20″ but she has definitely grown

Weight: I’m guessing around 12 pounds. She has her 2 month appt in a week.

Eat: She eats every 2-4 hours during the day. Usually it is every 2-3 but somedays are different.

Play: She is staying awake longer now. Sometimes for almost 2 hours. We pulled put her playmate that has toys hanging over it and she seems to really like it. She loves her hands and is starting to like the bouncer and swing more.

Sleep: During the day she will sleep from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. At night she sleeps at least 4 hours at a time and has done 6-8 hours several times. I can tell she is moving towards a consistent nap time but we aren’t there quite yet.

It is safe to say month 2 was a bit smoother than month 1. We are starting to figure out what she wants and are in a loose schedule. I say loose because I don’t make her wait to eat if she’s hungry or if she’s tired I let her sleep. Right now she is still so little that this hasn’t been a problem. As she gets older I know I will enforce a better schedule. Her nighttime sleep has been really great. She still has some nights where she wakes up ready to party but those are few and far between now. Her colic does seem to be getting better. We have around an hour each night that is rough but Joe has figured out how to keep her happy during that time. We basically walk the house for an hour each night.

She has started throwing some fits. It is easier to tell when she is angry versus hungry. She also pouts her lip when she starts to cry. She is starting to self soothe a bit. Some days I will just lay her down and she puts herself to sleep. On the happier side…she gives the best smiles. She is happiest in the morning and whenever she sees me each morning she gives me huge smiles! It really is the best. She is starting to become very vocal as well. She talks to you and yesterday was talking to her toys on her playmat. She found her hands. She loves to suck on them and she now rubs her eyes when she is sleepy. She likes to stare at her feet but hasn’t figured those out yet. She still loves to sit up all the time. She just has to know what is going on and doesn’t want to miss a thing. Bathtime is always fun. She loves the water and doesn’t cry until I take her out of the tub. I noticed this week that her eyes are starting to get darker and I think have a bit of brown in them.

She is now in 0-3 clothes and I have a feeling they might not last too long. She is getting so long it seems! She went to her first wedding on the 12th and did great. It was in Joplin so by the time we got there she was getting hungry again. I watched the ceremony from the entryway but she was very content during the reception to sleep in her Great-Grandma Wilma’s arms. This was a great (and fast) month! Coming up we have another wedding, a Meet Becca party in St. Louis, and some serious house hunting. Now for the pictures…