3 Months


3 Months

Height:  At her 2 month check up (which was really about 2.5 months) she was 23.5 inches tall. She is in the 84th percentile for height.

Weight: Last month’s guess was way off! Little peanut is only 10 pounds and 12.5 ounces according to the last doctor visit. She is in the 24th percentile for weight but she is steadily gaining weight so they aren’t worried. She is just petite. Long and lean like her daddy!

Eat: She eats every 2-3 hours. Just depends on her mood I think. We are still primarily breastfeeding so that may have something to do with it. She does get formula sometimes when we are out and about. There have been several times where she doesn’t want to nurse and will only take the bottle. The last 2 weeks have been the opposite (which I love)! I am at a point where I don’t care which way she prefers as long as she is eating and happy! During the night she is going 7-8 hours between feeds so that is great!

Play: She loves to play now!! She can grab her toys and her toes. Noisy toys make her smile and kick her legs with excitement. She talks to her play mat toys which is just too cute.

Sleep: All hail Becca, Queen of the Catnap! This girl is a serious cat napper. Her naps are still only 45 minutes long and she naps every 2 hours or so. We are on a schedule just not a 3 nap a day schedule. She sleeps great at night. She is sleeping anywhere from 7-10 hours at night. Usually its 7 hours but a few nights have been nearly 10. I would much rather her take small naps during the day and sleep great at night than the other way around.


Month 3 has been huge for this girl! She met a lot of people and took some fun trips. She made her first St. Louis trip which was a little rough. She is not a fan of her car seat. Once we got there though she did very good. She met her Uncle Jared, Aunt Hannah, and cousin Jack.  When we got home she had her 2 month check up which meant her first vaccinations. She did great! She only cried for a few minutes. I could tell she wasn’t feeling to great the rest of the day but by the next day she was back to normal. We spent a week at my mom’s house while our boys were hunting in Wyoming which was a lot of fun. We made trips into town to see her great-grandparents and she got to meet my high school besties! She has her own nickname, Joe calls her pumpkin. And she is definitely a country music fan because Kelsea Ballerini can stop her crying, particularly the song “Yeah Boy”. She will start fussing, I’ll hit play on the song, and within seconds she has stopped.

As far as milestones go, she has found her toes, started to laugh, is very talkative and loves to kick. Her hands are in her mouth at all times and she has found her thumb. She doesn’t suck on it to soothe, she still uses her paci for that but she does suck her thumb. She still hates tummy time. I can’t get her to push up on her arms for anything BUT when she is on her back she can pull her head and shoulders off the ground to try and sit up. She is rolling onto her side and it wouldn’t surprise me to see her roll all the way over very soon! Her 0-3 sleepers are getting too short but the 3-6 are huge! She is pretty clingy to me and isn’t a huge fan of other people yet. I’m sure that will change as she gets a bit older. Her colic is getting so much better. This past week we seem to have hit a huge turning point. Every night she has been happy and only fusses when she is tired and ready for bed. It has been so wonderful!