4 Months

4 Months

Height: 25 inches

Weight: 12lbs 11 oz

Eat: This girl is a finicky eater! Sometimes she eats 3 oz every 3 hours, sometimes 6 oz every 2 hours! Usually it is 3-4 oz every 2.5 hours. She is on all formula now. More on that below.

Play: We’ve conquered tummy time by learning to roll over! She will play in her bouncer with toys and likes to play on the floor with toys as well. She is starting to pay more attention to books when I read to her.

Sleep: Sometimes she sleeps through the night, sometimes she doesn’t. Naps are still pretty short, 30-45 minutes. We’ve had a few days with hour and a half naps. Here’s hoping we are turning a corner to better naps!

This post is a little late but Becca had her 4 month appt this morning so it worked out to wait! This girl does not like to sit still! She has learned to roll from her tummy to her back (Oct 21 was the first time!) so now she she knows if she doesn’t want to do tummy time she doesn’t have to. She just flips herself over. She went on her first Branson outlet shopping trip, her first pumpkin patch at the farm, and her first Halloween. She laughs more frequently although it takes a lot for her to give it up. So far her biggest laugh has been for her Pop (Joe’s dad)! Her clogged tear duct problem has completely gone away. She now wears 3-6 month clothes. I packed away all of her newborn and 0-3 clothes last week. I couldn’t believe how tiny those newborn clothes are! And she used to practically swim in them! She is outgrowing her size 1 diapers but the 2s are still just a bit too big around her legs. She is very vocal and still loves to kick those legs. She watches any food or drinks that we have like a hawk! This girl knows we are keeping the good stuff from her! The pediatrician told me today that if we want to start solid foods we can. (I know everyone has their own opinion on when this is best but we are going to do what is best for B) I’ve given her a little rice cereal, just a small amount to get her used to swallowing food and I think she will really like the big girl stuff. He commented today that she is very strong and thinks that she will be an early sitter. She has discovered her tongue and loves to stick it out all the time! Mimi and Aunt Olivia came over one day and painted her toe nails! They were so cute! It didn’t last very long on her nails though.

The biggest change this month is that we have stopped breastfeeding. It was a hard and easy decision all at the same time. Hard because I know that breastfeeding is so good for her and I really wanted to hit 6 months. Easy because it was such a struggle for every feeding. She wasn’t ever happy while she ate, I could tell she wasn’t getting satisfied, and I began to dread every feeding. Overall, the change has been positive. She has adjusted now to bottles only and seems to be a happier baby during the day. As much as I hate to admit it, a huge weight has been lifted and I can’t help but be a little relieved.

This girl is quite petite in the weight department but very long. She is meeting all of her milestones and is just the cutest little thing you will ever see!