5 Months

5 Months

Height:  At her last check up she was 25 inches. I’m guessing she has grown a bit because her pajamas are getting a little tight again!

Weight: She was 12lbs 11 oz after her last check up. She is still very petite but I’m guessing she is closer to 14 pounds now.

Eat: She is still eating every 2-2.5 hours about 4 ounces at a time. She started some rice cereal and that took a little getting used to. She loves sweet potatoes though! She has also had some green beans and carrots.

Play: She likes her swing much more now. She likes to sit in the boppy and play with her toys. She also really likes the exersaucer. Her favorite toy right now seems to be Sophie the giraffe. She loves to chew on her!

Sleep: She is back to sleeping through the night! I have to get up once or twice to giver her the paci but other than that she sleeps. She is also now sleeping in her own room in the pack-n-play (until her crib makes it from AR) and no longer in the bassinet.

Month 5 went fast! We celebrated Thanksgiving, moved to MO, put up the Christmas stuff, and here we are beginning month 6! Becca has grown so much! She is very wiggly and scoots on her back. She is working on becoming even more vocal. Her new sounds this month is Nae-Nae. Along with the big food came some big problems.Constipation. Not a pleasant experience for Becca or for me. Poor girl was very uncomfortable. She got some extremely diluted apple juice and that has fixed the problem. (She also gets prunes with her veggies) The biggest change is that she is now sleeping in her own room. I laid her down for her last nap of the evening one night and she just kept sleeping. There was no way I was going to move her so now she sleeps in her room. She is working on sitting on her own and is getting quite good at it. We put up the Christmas decoration and she likes all of the sparkles! I had a day early in the month where I was very sick. Joe took her for the whole day and they did great! This next month is only go to go even faster as we have so many fun Christmas events that will take place.