7 Months

7 Months

Height:  25.5 inches as of her last appt. She had grown 1/2 an inch since the last visit.

Weight: 14lbs 11 oz as of her last appt. She had gained 2.5 lbs since the last visit. She is staying right on her growth chart at the 20th percentile for height and weight. She is petite but since she is staying on her chart there isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Eat: Bottle feeding are stretching to 3-4 hours apart now and she is drinking 6 oz. We are doing 2 pureed food feedings a day. One in the morning after her first nap and the other in the evening around dinnertime. The morning feeding is usually fruit mixed with oatmeal and prunes. She likes applesauce and pears the best it seems. In the evening we do a vegetable. She loves squash and sweet potatoes still. I’ve started making her food. It is so easy! I was afraid it was going to be way more difficult than it was but it really has been enjoyable.

Play: She likes to play peekaboo, bounce in her johnny jumper, and play with her little lion. The lion was a freebie from a business expo that my mom got her. She loves that thing!! She doesn’t like to be left alone so if she is playing then we are sitting on the floor together. I try and work on her colors and counting with her during play time as well. She likes to look at her books too. She is starting to show more interest as I read to her.

Sleep: She likes to go to sleep sitting up on the couch. She nestles in next to me or Joe with her blanket and paci and will go to sleep. Silly girl! She is napping a bit better these days. most days I get at least 1 nap that is an hour to and 2 hours. The rest are still around 45 minutes. She will stay awake for around 2 hours in between naps. After her last nap of the day she will stay up for 3 hours or so and then go down for the night. This girl is a night owl. She stays awake until 9:30 or 10 most nights. She sleeps until 7:00 or 7:30. She is still waking throughout the night. Some of the time I can give her the paci and she goes right back to sleep but sometimes she is awake and smiles really big when I come in. I can rock her back to sleep then but sometimes she isn’t interested and I just put her in bed with me. She goes right to sleep then. I wasn’t a big fan of co-sleeping before now but sometimes you will do anything for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Fun changes this month:

  • Give kisses – she will grab my face and give me a big open mouthed kiss on my cheek. it looks more like she is eating my face!
  • She is pulling up on everything!
  • Plays Peekaboo
  • Loves the Little House on the Prairie theme song – she stops and dances to it every time!
  • Dances to music
  • Finally rolled from her back to her tummy
  • Took her first boat ride
  • Is staring to lunge forward trying to crawl
  • Has a favorite blanket
  • Loves our dog Drake! If you ask her where the puppy is she will look right to the back door and smile. They are going to be best buds.
  • Makes a funny face where she crinkles her nose and snorts! We call it her stink face.
  • She clicks her lips, not her tongue, but her lips. It is so funny!
  • We’ve said goodbye to the 3-6 month clothes and now wear 6-9 and some 6-12. She needs these for the length but her tiny little waist just swims in some of the 6-12 pants!







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