9 Months


This is what happened when I put the sticker on the shirt….she immediately ripped it off. I gave up!

Height:  27.3 inches. She has grown 2 inches since the last dr visit.

Weight: 16lbs 11 oz. She has gained over 2 pounds since the last visit! She is still very petite but growing right on her own growth curve.

Eat: She loves to eat whatever mama and daddy are eating. She will sit and beg for our food! She is taking a bottle every 4 hours, about 7 ounces. In between we do a meal in the morning, one in the evening, and a snack in the afternoon. So far that is working for her. She is tiny and when she eats she doesn’t eat a whole lot at a time. She definitely loves big food though, no more purees for this girl! Sometimes I can get her to eat one but she doesn’t eat it very well. She much prefers yogurt, avocado, rice, eggs, and strawberries! Strawberries are her absolute favorite. If I want to eat any I have to wait until she is napping!

Play: She is on the go all the time. She crawls all over the house and if she can pull up and walk along an object she prefers to do that. She will sit and look at a book on her own. I think she likes that over me reading it to her right now. She loves the books that are touch and feel. She sits and runs her fingers over each page. She dances to music and gets excited when her toys make noise. My dad brought her a maraca from Mexico and she played with it nonstop for several days. Then the top came loose and I took it away. I think she was a little too rough with it. I need to find her some that won’t come apart.

Sleep: Sleep is still our trouble area. She doesn’t self soothe well and when she is still asleep and realizes she has lost the paci she can’t seem to remember that she knows how to put it back in her mouth. The nights that are really rough, meaning she wakes up every hour or 2 several times in a row, I just put her in bed with me. The last few night have been better though. Naps are still hanging around 45 minutes. If I know she really needs to sleep longer I will let her sleep next to me on the couch while I work or on me if I know I’m going to take a cat nap too. She loves napping with her daddy though.

This month was one for trying lots of food and learning new words! She says deer. I know, no one is surprised. If you ask her where the deer is she looks around the room and points right to both of them on the wall. She knows where they are in my parent’s house as well. She is babbling a lot and is always on the move. No teeth yet! I was pretty sure for a few days that she was definitely teething but nothing ever popped through so I guess not! We switched her over to the convertible car seat this month. The infant carrier was getting heavy! We are also taking a trip in early June so I wanted her to get used to the new seat. So far, so good!

Not a lot has changed over the last month but each time I look at her I notice that she is losing her baby look and is moving towards being a big girl. Becca is so much fun these days. I laugh multiple times a day at things she does and I love when she laughs with me. She is so sweet to her mama and gives me kisses all the time. She is a mama’s girl!




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