10 Months

10 Months

Height:  27.3 inches as of her last dr visit

Weight: 16lbs 11 oz. at her last dr visit. Several people have commented though that she looks like she is ganging weight.

Eat: She loves to eat! Well, she loves to eat big girl food. She still isn’t a huge fan of her bottle but she hasn’t ever been so who is surprised? She eats a 7oz bottle every 4 hours during the day. She eats fruit and pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes I put peanut butter on the pancakes but it doesn’t seem to phase her. I just do the frozen mini pancakes. She loves blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, or raspberries. In the evening she gets grilled cheese, chicken, turkey, cheese, macaroni and cheese, or whatever we are eating! If she can chew it up she will eat it. We also do a snack in the afternoon and it is usually yogurt melts, puffs, or the little wheel snacks. I usually feed her dinner while I am making ours so she begs for our food even if she has eaten really well and has a full belly!

Play: She is go go go all the time. She loves things with music and dances as soon as the music starts. She likes to look at her books, hold the phone to her ear, and love on her baby doll. She really likes to love on her rocking horse too. This girl loves animals!

Sleep: Sleep is somedays good and some days not so good. She has been taking longer afternoon naps but then we will have a few weeks where they are back to 45 minutes if that. If she has taken a short afternoon nap I will sit down with her and just hold her so she will sleep longer. She still wakes at night.

Becca is seriously so much fun. This month brought many firsts. First bubble bath, started standing on her own which was quickly followed by her first steps!! She takes 2-3 steps at a time on her own. She likes to watch bubbles and has learned to say uh-oh. The biggest “first” this month was for both of us. I went to Dallas for a weekend girls trip and Becca stayed with my mom for the weekend. We both did very good haha! She was a little clingy for a few days after I got back but I wasn’t too excited to leave her again either. It has been a busy month and the next 2 before her birthday are even busier!!






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