Hank Warren

Hank was born via c-section in April. His brother’s birth was full of excitement due to an emergency c-section. Hank’s was much more laid back. The section was planned and we all had the dates written in our calendars. I arrived at the hospital just a few minutes before he was born. Tori had asked ahead of time if I would be allowed in the operating room and standard procedure said no. Once she had some time to recover I headed back to get photos of Hank meeting all of his family. These are a few of my favorites from the day!

HWR Birth-26 copy

HWR Birth-1 copy

HWR Birth-2 copy

HWR Birth-3 copy

HWR Birth-4 copy

HWR Birth-5 copy

HWR Birth-6 copy

HWR Birth-7 copy

HWR Birth-8 copy

HWR Birth-9 copy

HWR Birth-10 copy

HWR Birth-11 copy

HWR Birth-12 copy

HWR Birth-13 copy

HWR Birth-14 copy

HWR Birth-15 copy

HWR Birth-16 copy

HWR Birth-17 copy

HWR Birth-18 copy

HWR Birth-19 copy

HWR Birth-20 copy

HWR Birth-21 copy

HWR Birth-22 copy

HWR Birth-23 copy

HWR Birth-24 copy

HWR Birth-25 copy


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