12 Months

12 Months-2

Height:  28.2 inches per her 1 year checkup!

Weight: 18lbs 5oz at her 1 year checkup! She has gained a little bit 🙂

Eat: We are now down to 2 bottles a day and 3 full meals. And sometimes a snack! The 2 bottles are currently half formula, half whole milk. So far I’ve learned that Becca definitely doesn’t like cold milk and if it isn’t mixed with the formula she won’t drink it. I can’t blame her, I don’t like milk either. She loves broccoli, turkey and cheese quesadillas, and usually peanut butter and jelly. Strawberries and watermelon are still her favorite fruits. She like blueberries but they give her a bad rash so we steer clear of those for the most part. I’ve been giving her whatever we are eating at dinner and most nights she does well with it.

Play: This girl loves to play, especially if there are other kids around. She pretends to talk on the phone all the time, likes to play with her bath toys (in or out of the water), and loves to use the play vacuum she got for her birthday. She walks everywhere so she is usually dragging a toy and her blanket around with her.

Sleep: Sleep is SO SO SO much better. She is taking at least one 2 hour nap and most days a short nap in the early evening. Most nights she is sleeping for 10-12 hours. Yes, you read that right, 10-12 hours!!!!! Mama is VERY happy about this.


The last month in Becca’s first year was busy! We got to see our friends the Braschlers, celebrated the 4th of July, and planned a birthday party. She experienced her first fall down some stairs at my parent’s house. She fell from the very top to the very bottom. I think it was more traumatic for me than for her. She had a red mark on her forehead but that was gone within a day or 2. She brushes her hair, we’ve started brushing her teeth, tries to put on her shoes, figured out how to take off her diaper, and had her first Imo’s pizza. She liked the pizza but I think she liked the Mountain Dew that her daddy gave her even more. Peas in a pod, those two. She loves loves loves her daddy. She spends her whole day saying “dada” and looking at the front door. She gets so excited when she hears him coming up the front steps. She has started fake sneezing which is hilarious. I mentioned above that she likes to pretend she is on the phone. She will put her hand to her ear (if her play phone is not close) and says hello! This past week she has stated talking a bit after she says hello. She also loves to use the play vacuum. It sings a song so she pushes it back and forth and dances. She is working on talking and is starting to mimic the words we ask her to try. The words she consistently says are: mama, dada, hi, hello, uh-oh, deer, duck, baby, shoes, and purple. She points to a baby and says that voluntarily so I know she knows what it means. Most of her toys she calls purple.

It has been a wild year but we made it! We’ve used all of the stickers in our little container so this will be the last Becca monthly update we have! Enjoy the pictures!











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