Hank’s Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I got to host a baby shower for my cousin Tori and baby Hank! I couldn’t have done it without my sister’s help. She was responsible for Hank’s big brother Wyatt’s shower as well. You can take a look at that one here. We went with a fishing theme and I thought it came out really cute. It was a fun afternoon and we all got to go eat dinner together afterwards. We don’t all get to see each other as much anymore so anytime we all get to spend together is so special. The most exciting news though is that as you are reading this I am taking pictures of baby Hank! So, happy birthday Hank! We love you so much!!

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JoMo Baby Shower


Last weekend was the Joplin baby shower. So many people came, I couldn’t believe it! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came from STL, my family from Joplin and the surrounding area were there, and so many friends that I have known for years. My sister and mom planned it and it was so great. The food was yummy…sugar cookies, rice crispy treats, cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, and my mom’s punch. Those girls know what I like to eat, that is for sure. Olivia did all of the decor with help from her friend Jade. They dyed doilies, sewed strips of paper, and used fresh flowers. I appreciate so much all of the hard work that they put into making the day so great. We received a lot of really great and useful gifts. I can’t wait to start using them all! Now for the pictures (which were taken by Aaron Hutchcraft, make sure you check out his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Hutchcraft-Photography/124153244372908?fref=ts) …














Our babies are going to be born just a few weeks apart….or maybe days, who knows?



Besties since the 4th grade!





So excited to use the Ergo!



Girl has to have some camo for deer season






Everyone prayed for us at the end of the shower.




The First Pancake

Last Saturday was my very first baby shower….the first pancake if you will (Gilmore Girl fans should get that). The shower was Gilmore Girls themed and was perfect!! The food was amazing. Ana made mini pizzas, mini pies, coffee cupcakes, coffee punch, candy….the list goes on. We played fun games. No, I’m serious, the games were fun!! The first was a Gilmore Girls quiz, the second was a game where 7 songs were played. We had to guess the title of the song from the first few seconds. And the third involved string and guessing how big my belly is. The girls really outdid themselves. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to celebrate our baby girl!! Now I will hit you with a ton of pictures….


Welcome to Stars Hollow

Make a onesie!

Make a onesie!

So much food!

So much food!

Caitlyn Belle!!

Caitlyn Belle!!


So much pink!

Made from Joe's nursery fabric

The bunny fabric is from the fabric that was in Joe’s nursery. I love this!

My PPB Bag!

My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Let’s just say I want to use it now.

Made by Aunt Hannah

Made by Aunt Hannah! You can’t see well but it has matching shoes and bows. I’m so excited for her to wear this!

Alexa made this!

Alexa made this! A baby motorcycle! I don’t want to take it apart but I’m sure I’m going to need those diapers…


Me and my mom (Mimi)


Mom, me, Aunt Olivia, and Aunt Carissa


Mom, me, The Greats – Mema & Grandma Wilma, and Olivia


The lovely hosts – just missing Christina!


Aunt MJ!! I think should be Auntie M!

The Baby Registry

I am a serious over packer, over planner, and to no one’s surprise…an over registerer. No, that is not a word but for today it is. I chose to register at Target and Babies-R-Us since those are basically my only options. I have discovered that I love Buy, Buy, Baby but the nearest one is over an hour away so it isn’t really an option. Although I am a first time mom, I have definitely spent a lot of time around kids. I babysat through high school and now several of my friends have kids. Before I went in to the stores I thought…ok, don’t register for unnecessary stuff. You don’t need everything in the store. Then I walked in….and all thoughts went flying from my brain. I wanted it all!! I have already been informed that there are several baby showers in my future so I figured registering for too much may not be a bad thing. The one thing I stayed away from was clothing. I put a few of the solid white onesies that you really can’t have enough of on there and socks but other than that, no clothing. Here are a few collages of the items I have chosen.


Joe actually picked out the stroller. I definitely had a smaller one picked but he said, “This one has suspension so we can go feed the deer together”. After a comment like that, the man can pick out whatever he wants. The car seat I am super pumped about. I love the all black, very clean look of this one. Not to mention the safety ratings are through the roof. I went ahead and put both the swing and bouncer on there because I think both are handy. Are both necessary? No of course not. In fact, neither are really necessary – just a nice bonus. The Pack-N-Play is going to be an essential item at first. Babies have to sleep somewhere! I had initially picked an Ikea dresser and I may change my mind back but when I saw this set, I fell in love.


Big Stuff

I’ve had several people tell me they love Burt’s Bees and Aveeno for their baby so why not try both? I know the Bumbo is certainly an extra thing that may not get used for too long but again…who knows what will work for us! I’m hoping she takes a paci. I know it will be a hard habit to break later but all of my siblings and myself turned out just fine. Even if when I lost mine I traumatized 3 other adults in the process.

I am planning on breastfeeding. So there are several mama needs on this section at both stores. From nursing pads to lanolin to nursing tanks, they are going to be used. I did register for bottles as I will have to work away from home 1 day a week. My cousin has so wonderfully allowed me to borrow her awesome double electric pump so hopefully we won’t have any problems. When it comes to burp cloths I am a firm believer that the Gerber white pre-fold cloth diapers are the absolute best. But some of the others are just so cute I couldn’t help but pick out a few. Plus, you can never have too many things for a kid to throw up on. Spit Up…..It Happens. I included a few things for later such as spoons, bowls, and sippy cups.

 Then came the fun stuff. I may have registered for several books. I love books and I fully intend on reading as much as this little girl wants. I threw in some teething stuff, some toys, and other accessories. I’ve had more than one mama tell me how much they love the Aden & Anais blankets so if there was a pattern I liked, it got added. I also included a few of the swaddle blankets like the chevron one shown here.

So…overzealous? Definitely. But my mom, sister, and I had fun so that is really all that matters. I’m sure once we’ve used some of these items I will update and share what I like and what I don’t.

Jack’s Baby Shower

The Saturday after Charlotte’s baby shower I was at it again. Only this time, I didn’t do quite as much work since the shower was in St. Louis where my in-laws live. It was held at my sister-in-law’s house. Hannah made her own cupcakes and cookies (she’s really good at that stuff and volunteered for it) and the rest of us spent the morning cutting up fruit for salads and putting up some decorations. We played the dirty diaper game where you melt candy into a diaper and the guests have to guess what the candy used to be. We learned the hard way that diapers are not meant to go in the microwave. One of Hannah’s gifts was the quilt for Jack’s crib. My mother-in-law made it and it is gorgeous! I’ve already signed her up to make all of my future children’s bedding haha! It was a really fun weekend and I’m so glad we were able to see Hannah before Jack is born! Next time I see her she will have a baby! I can’t wait to snuggle with my nephew in CA in January (and leave freezing cold AR behind for a few days)!
























Charlotte’s Baby Shower

At the end of September I got to play co-host with Valerie (you know her from here) at a baby shower for Robyn and Charlotte. We chose to decorate with burlap and pink. My sister let us borrow some gold vases and big mason jars. Valerie made some really cute bunting to place around the house, we picked up some fresh flowers, and I made the cake. It was simple but I think it was perfect for the day. Everyone had a lot of fun and Robyn got some great gifts. We played 2 games – a celebrity mother-daughter game and a baby themed Family Feud. For the celebrity game, I chose real life mother and daughters and tv show mother and daughters. You had to name both the mother and daughter to get the point. The family feud game was so fun! Val split the room into 2 groups and it worked just like regular family feud. Both were games not typical of baby showers and everyone said they enjoyed them!



















My girl Charlie was born this past Friday on Halloween, Oct. 31. She has had a bit of a fight but is on the mend! She may get to go home this weekend. I can’t wait to meet and snuggle up with this girl! Love you Charlie!

Aunt Jess




Back on the Wagon…


I used to have a blog, anyone remember Xanga? And then I had a website. And after that went away I had another blog. My name is Jessica, and I have a problem. So now I’m back on the wagon so to speak. My blogs and website have all previously been devoted to only my photography. This one will be different. There will still be all of my photography but this time it will be more. I want to push myself to work harder on improving my photos and you only improve when you keep shooting. So here is post number one. And this shoot was just for fun. It wasn’t for work. It was for memories.

My cousin (and everyone else I know) is pregnant, so a few weekends ago our family had a baby shower to bless Tori, Garret, and baby boy Wyatt. My sister created the theme and basically did all of the decorative work. I showed up to move tables and take pictures. There was barbecue sandwiches, potato salad, and a station to create your own trail mix. It was a fun day and boy were these cupcakes good!

Wyatt we can’t wait to meet you! You are already so loved.