Becca’s 1st Birthday

We celebrated Becca’s first birthday with a BIG party! About 50 people were in our house. It was crazy but so very fun! On her actual birthday I made some cupcakes and thought I would do a little photo shoot with her. She wasn’t feeling it. Becca 1st Birthday-5 Becca 1st Birthday-6 Becca 1st Birthday-7


For the big party I didn’t go with a theme, just some colors. I did pink, mint, and gold. I mad the rag banner that is on her highchair and the table. I used this tutorial from Pinterest. Becca’s Birthday Girl shirt was from Oh Sweet Sprouts on Easy. (LOVE THEM!) The tutu was Smocked Auctions  (it isn’t available right now but they always have some good stuff) and the moccs are Freshly Picked (My favorite!). The cake was from Amy Cake’s in Springfield. Oh my gracious it was so good. I don’t think I’ll buy a cake from anywhere else ever again, well as long as I’m in Branson. Joe doesn’t like cake that much and he was eating the leftovers. We did strawberry and almond vanilla with a buttercream frosting. The cake topper was from an Etsy shop, SweetEscapesbyDebbie. The tall candle was also an Etsy find, CohassetPartySupply. The massive balloons were 24 inch balloons from Party City. Getting those into the car was a nightmare. I knocked the top box off the cake and ended up having to put down all of my seats, the carseat was in the front (Becca was at home with dad), and sat with the smash cake basically in my lap. Along with the fresh fruit and flowers I had picked up. What an adventure! She wasn’t too interested in her presents or the cake because there was just too much going on. She was busy being social. It was lots of fun and was a good marker for the end of year 1!

Becca 1st Birthday-8

Becca 1st Birthday-9

Becca 1st Birthday-10

Becca 1st Birthday-11

Becca 1st Birthday-12

Becca 1st Birthday-14

Becca 1st Birthday-16

Becca 1st Birthday-17

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Becca 1st Birthday-19

Becca 1st Birthday-20

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Becca 1st Birthday-22

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Becca 1st Birthday-24

Becca 1st Birthday-25

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Becca 1st Birthday-29

Becca 1st Birthday-30

Becca 1st Birthday-31

Becca 1st Birthday-32

Becca 1st Birthday-33



This past weekend I turned 27. We went to Joe’s grandparent’s farm in MO. We played croquet (which I’m terrible at), ate lots of food, and got to feel my nephew kick!! Joe also shot a really big deer which means my living room is about to get a new wall decoration. AND more importantly my freezer is filling up. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law made me an apple pie and my favorite meal! It was a great Nothum weekend. I can’t wait to see them all again in just a few weeks for baby Jack’s baby shower!





Yesterday was Joe’s 27th birthday. He doesn’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays so it was very low key. Example: dinner was frozen pizza! (At least it was Digiorno) I got him something for his exhaust (I couldn’t begin to tell you what) and the 5th season of Burn Notice.

When I asked him if he wanted a cake he said he wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I was thinking, ok, I probably need to get a grandma’s recipe. He said nope, I want the Happy Birthday Jesus cake my mom makes! (Backstory: on Christmas Day my mother-in-law would make a birthday cake for Jesus) Turns out this cake is from a box and canned frosting! Love it! So, I make the cake. I frost the cake. We load up and head to my parent’s for the weekend. Halfway there I look down and my cake has split right across the top! Birthday fail. Oh well, it still tasted good!! Lesson learned: don’t rush the cooling process. Be patient.

Another year older, another year closer to 30.