Hank Warren

Hank was born via c-section in April. His brother’s birth was full of excitement due to an emergency c-section. Hank’s was much more laid back. The section was planned and we all had the dates written in our calendars. I arrived at the hospital just a few minutes before he was born. Tori had asked ahead of time if I would be allowed in the operating room and standard procedure said no. Once she had some time to recover I headed back to get photos of Hank meeting all of his family. These are a few of my favorites from the day!

HWR Birth-26 copy

HWR Birth-1 copy

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Wyatt Raymond Rees

Saturday, September 27 was a great day. The weather was nice, I did some birthday shopping with my mom and then came home to edit on some photos. I had eaten dinner, had Friends on in the background and was editing away when I got the text…”Heading up to the hospital, I’ve been having really strong contractions the last hour and a half. I’ll let you know if I get admitted.” I knew it was time!! I kicked into high gear, got my stuff together, changed my clothes and called my mom who was going with me. An hour later I got the text that said, “Being admitted!” which was quickly followed by “Dilated to 6, my water just broke”. I was in the car and on the road! I stopped in Joplin to pick up my mom and on to Springfield we went. By the time we got there Tori was an 8 and little man’s heart rate was dropping during contractions. Right after I walked in the hospital Tori was moved to the operating room and they were talking about a C-Section. Garret was given scrubs and we were able to see him and pray for a few minutes before he went back to be with Tori. I wasn’t able to be in the delivery room, but I was in the room when the new family was wheeled back in. It was so very special. Here are a few (and by a few I mean a LOT) of the moments I was able to capture.WyattBlog_001 WyattBlog_002 WyattBlog_003 WyattBlog_004 WyattBlog_005 WyattBlog_006 WyattBlog_007 WyattBlog_008 WyattBlog_009 WyattBlog_011 WyattBlog_012 WyattBlog_013 WyattBlog_014 WyattBlog_015 WyattBlog_016 WyattBlog_017 WyattBlog_018 WyattBlog_020 WyattBlog_022 WyattBlog_023 WyattBlog_024 WyattBlog_026 WyattBlog_028 WyattBlog_029 WyattBlog_030 WyattBlog_031 WyattBlog_033 WyattBlog_034 WyattBlog_036 WyattBlog_037 WyattBlog_038 WyattBlog_039 WyattBlog_040 WyattBlog_041 WyattBlog_042 WyattBlog_043 WyattBlog_044 WyattBlog_045 WyattBlog_046 WyattBlog_047 WyattBlog_048 WyattBlog_049 WyattBlog_050