The YOU of A

This week my youngest brother moved into his dorm room. While we are very much the same in many ways, we are at the same time very different. He is going to a school where his freshman class is 6,000 people. My whole school was less than 1,500. He couldn’t wait for us to leave so he could go meet people and start his college experience. I made move in day last ALL day. And I cried when my parents left. Joseph did not. His room is much more simple and my room was…not. His:




But really, all I could think about was how much has changed in the last 8 years since I started college. My closest friends became my “high school” friends (while several of them are still very near and dear to me) and my group of college friends became the girls I still need on a bad day or for something exciting. Facebook was brand new and now it’s for all of us “old people”. I had no way to know that the 4 years I would spend at JBU would be 4 years that I cherish.

8 years from now who knows where we will be. Actually, I can guess…we will be celebrating as Dr. Joseph Massey graduates from medical school.